The company ROI SA

A few words about the company

ROI SA was founded in the late 1970s initially for the purpose of supplying irrigation – water supply well pumps. Very soon, however, it developed into a pioneer liquid pump company covering the entire range of pumping applications.

ROI SA is now the leading and most complete needs support company:

  • Pumping (clean/dirty liquids)
  • Submersible & Surface Pumps for Sewage, Rainwater, Sludge, High Solids Content, Sand, etc.
  • Biological Cleaning Systems
  • Technical Works
  • Mines – Quarries
  • Underwater Applications
  • Special Application Pumps
  • Fire Department Groups
  • Water Treatment Complexes
  • Food
  • Chemical Liquids
  • Shipping Projects
  • Domestic pumps and swimming pool

The aim of the company ROI SA. it is the constant updating on new technologies that, with the constantly added experience, makes it the unique partner capable of successfully dealing with even the most demanding applications.


This is achieved, on the one hand, by the continuous expansion of the range of our products, and on the other hand, by the stable and experienced technical staff, distributed nationwide in a wide service network, consisting of branches, exclusive collaborations, points of sale, Service Centers with immediately available stock in the warehouses us or to agents – partners.

Wide range of products

POI SA gradually expanded its range of pumps, having reached today to have almost all types of pumps available.

All around Greece

ROI SA has a nationwide customer service network with branches in major cities and representatives throughout Greece.


Today ROI SA is close to the customer offering its many years of experience and the reliable quality products for which it is known.

Our partners

ROI SA, with its many years of experience in the pump sector, has very carefully chosen its partners / exclusive cooperation companies, specialized in the manufacture of the various types of pumps that it has in its rich range, selectively with basic based on the quality of materials, the robust construction and providing all construction certificates (Greek, European, American, etc. standards).

Engines (submersible, surface), which are perhaps the most important tool of a pumping installation, are made by the best known and largest engine manufacturers (submersible and surface pumps).

ROH SA has developed and supplies the Greek market with customized own label products, its own commercial brand as well as selected quality manufacturing, in order to complete its product range by providing comprehensive support to its customers, finding the best quality and economic solutions!

The workforce

The success of ROI SA. is due to the coordination of its various specialized functions. The company’s philosophy is to form a flexible and efficient team and for this reason our staff is the most important part of the company. Modern computerization allows ROI SA. to optimize costs for its customers and to be able to react instantaneously to market changes.

The rapid growth and success of the products of ROI SA would not be possible without the valuable contribution and quality services of its executives. Having established a mutual relationship of appreciation and cooperation between management and executives guarantees the continuation of the successful course.